Depression and Grief

Experiencing depression in life can impact your ability to function in your family, job and social environments.  Many people think depression is just about feeling sad, but it has more of an effect on the body than just sadness.  You may feel tired, have no interest in activities that you used to enjoy, have a change in eating or sleeping patterns, and may have even felt that live was not worth living.  It is important to talk to someone that can help.

Depression is also one of the stages of grief.  Many people struggle to accept a loss and find that it affects them in the long term.  Sometimes these losses are recent, and sometimes they may be from many years ago.  You can also experience complicated grief, when there are several losses or trauma that happen closely together.  Experiencing depression can be normal in these circumstances, but can also be helped through therapy.  A therapist can determine when your depression symptoms need to be addressed with your doctor, and sometimes medication may be prescribed along with continuation of therapy.